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DeCota Coatings F.A.Q.s


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Below are some of the most often asked questions by our customers.


Do I need to be concerned with lead based paints?

As of April 22nd 2010 all contractors have to abide by the new EPA rules in lead abatement. For more information please visit


We have had projects done in the past and have received quotes ranging from high to low, why is this and what qualifies a higher priced bid?

The cost of the job is usually determined by the quality desired, which relates to the level of thoroughness and attention to detail.

Here are some factors that have an impact on the bid price:

It costs more to properly prepare a surface for painting than to give it just a quick paint job.  The detail given to the preparation of the surface to be painted will have a large factor in the overall price.  How long you would like this paint to last?  There is also extra care and effort to consider to protect your furnishings and landscaping.  Also, there’s an investment to professionally train employees and to provide them with the highest quality paints, tools and supplies to give you the best results. We are also fully licensed and insured including coverage under Worker's Compensation.  If you have any questions about our bidding process, please let us know and we can discuss and compare our bid to others.


Will you stay on the job consistently, rather than on a few days and off a few days?

We will have the same crew begin and complete your project consistently until the entire project is completed.


Who does the painting and who will supervise the job?

DeCota Coatings hires experienced & knowledgeable employees.  Our Project Managers manages each project for productivity and quality. We have found that certain skills and personalities work well together, which enhances the work and efficiency.


Are references available?

Yes, DeCota Coatings provides references with every proposal as well as upon request.


What kind of exterior paint do you use?

For painting the exterior of your home, we only use top of the line paints and products from Florida's #1 Paint Manufacturers ~ Sherwin Williams & Florida Paints. We only use the highest grades because the best paint results in the best quality.


Does your company have additional services to offer?

Yes. We do roof painting, roof sealing, roof & exterior cleaning, boat deck cleaning & staining, pavers seal coatings, gutter cleaning, pool deck staining, rust removal and more . Please see our services section for more information.


How long of a warranty do you offer on your work?

We provide written warranties and offer 10 year warranty on exterior painting and 10 year warranty for roof painting. We provide a full 5 year warranty for roof sealing. Also we provide a 1 year warranty on the roof cleaning only.  Ask us for further details regarding our written warranties.


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