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How our Florida climate effects our exteriors! A drive through your community or neighborhood, you see beautiful homes, however, you also notice some of the roofs, exterior walls, sidewalks and driveways are ugly, dirty and look like black stains. What is the cause of this? Florida's humid climate is perfect for algae, mold and mildew growth. As Florida residents, we well know the effects the humid climate can cause to the exterior of our home and property. It can allow the accumulation of organisms like algae, mold and mildew to take control on just about every surface on the exterior. Keeping your home & property free of algae, mold & mildew is a constant battle that must be properly treated and maintained regularly. But it can be controlled! There are many benefits to keeping your home and property clean & free from algae, mold and mildew, some are aesthetics while others are of a more serious concern such as being unhealthy to you & your family and causing damage to your tile or shingle roof as well as to exterior painted and stained surfaces, which all can be very costly to repair or replace. Become Educated! Unfortunately there is a lot of misleading information combined with inexperienced workman providing roof and exterior cleaning services. Our goal is to properly educate our customers about how to clean and maintain their home and property in the most safest and effective way possible. No matter what type of roof your have, whether it is concrete tile, or clay tile, the only safe and effective method for cleaning roofs & exteriors should be done by a professional in the industry. Disadvantages of so-called professionals: The known truth is that so many so-called professionals offering roof cleaning and exterior cleaning services do not have full knowledge & experience, neither are they completely equipped on how to safely and effectively clean roofs & exteriors. Some companies provide either pressure washing services only, while others only offer soft chemical cleaning services. The results of not using both? By using extreme amounts of chemicals without completely rinsing it off, once dried, it forms a yellowish-film on the tiles surface. This yellowish-film causes the tiles surface to dry out, and therefore begins to crack the tiles and the color will eventually start to fade. Other areas that can become damaged are the homes painted exterior surfaces including any wood stained surfaces. As a result, it can change and fade the color, the stucco will begin to crack, which are all signs of being dry because of not completely rinsing off the chemicals from the surfaces, which will void your painting warranty. Not to mention, it also causes damage to the environment, your landscaping and puts the safety of your pets, your family & you at risk! The outcome? Costly repairs, replacement & very unhealthy! The importance of using both procedures, when the project calls for it? The combination of both procedures are essential, working together as one, in order to accomplish effective & proper cleaning to roofs & exteriors. While the right amount of cleaning solution is important to soften the surface and kill the algae, mold & mildew, on the other hand, pressure washing along with the right amount of pressure, is also necessary in order to completely rinse and remove any cleaning solution from the surface. Benefits of hiring a professional: As a roof restoration & exterior painting company, DeCota Coatings is among the leader in the industry. We have the knowledge & experience required in all phases of roofing systems from finishes, surfaces, materials along with complete exterior painting procedures. We understand that each project is unique and to ensure the best results, we combine the proper amount of cleaning solution, the correct amount of pressure, the proper techniques, the right equipment (we are fully equipped), along with providing the most experienced and knowledgeable roof & exterior cleaning staff for your project. Another advantage we have over other companies is that we offer as an option, Eco-friendly roof & exterior cleaning services. DeCota Coatings is dedicated to operating with the highest of standards and we stand behind our quality workmanship. No matter how large or small the project, it gets the same attention to detail and quality of service.

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