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Wood Staining

Wood is not a cheap building material. It’s an investment. Any structure built with wood (deck, pergola, siding, log homes) should be protected adequately against the harmful effects of the climate with a premium quality wood stain. Left unprotected, the lifespan of an exterior wood structure will be shorten considerably. Summers get pretty warm in Florida. Wood surfaces are exposed to UV rays and dry out under the warm sun. There is also exposure to rain, wind. Differentials in temperature make wood materials contract and expand. If wood structures are left unprotected, they will decay, rot and turn into a weathered gray.


DeCota Coatings offers professional affordable wood staining and wood door staining services to Central Florida homeowners. We only use premium quality wood stain products, the best available, to protect your exterior wood structures against the damaging effects of the weather. In choosing DeCota Coatings to handle all your wood staining and wood door staining projects, you are choosing to have the best local painting professionals to help you protect your wood structures so you can enjoy them longer. The premium quality wood staining products we use, combined with our expert wood staining application process will yield longer lasting color retention and mildew resistance.

Interior and Exterior Wood Staining and Wood Door Staining/Refinishing


DeCota Coatings offers many home improvement services to homeowners in Central Florida.  One of those services is wood staining and wood door staining. The benefits of wood staining, or applying a wood stain to  wooden surfaces are both functional and aesthetic. Applying a wood stain to  wood surfaces is highly recommended to protect lumber from the damaging effects of the weather. Wood staining is used for front entrances doors, wood decks, wood siding, window frames and trims, gazebo, arbors, pergola, railing, fences and other wooden surfaces that need to be protected and/or color-stained, whether the wood has existing stain or the wood is new. Wood staining brings out the richness of the substrate grain and texture for a natural, beautiful finish.

Why is wood staining so important?

When should exterior wood structures be stained?


Staining services is recommended to protect wood against the weather. Whether it’s a front door or a gazebo, it’s an investment.  Wood staining is needed to protect beautiful lumber structure. The earlier you hire a professional for your wood staining surfaces, the better. The longer you wait, the higher the likeliness of wood damage. As part of regular scheduled maintenance, DeCota Coatings recommends wood staining exterior wood structures every spring for maximum protection or at the very least, a minimum every two to three years.














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DeCota Coatings is a top wood staining and wood door staining contractor, and house painting company with a lot of experience. We can help you take the right decision when it comes to wood staining, wood door staining and complete home painting. To help you determine whether your exterior wood structure(s) should be stained or painted, contact DeCota Coatings today to schedule a free in-home estimate.

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